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Moving America Forward 2013 and beyond...

MAF Productions is a production company that produces Moving America Forward, a television series hosted by William Shatner. The show is focused on telling the stories of businesses, corporations and entrepreneurs across our nation. This is done through an in depth television interview that airs nationally on television. We help businesses across the country by giving them the third party credibility they need to help Move America Forward. We are currently looking for businesses to feature for the upcoming season, please fill out our submission form and one of our producers will get back to you.

The Power and spirit of the entrepreneur

As we began the first decade of this new century our economy seemed to have taken a turn for the worse. The stock market crashed, the housing market was turned upside down, large corporations seemed to fall like leaves and the confidence in Americans was at an all-time low. We seemed headed for certain disaster. But our great nation still has one force that can turn it all around, the same force which built it… the entrepreneur. He is the one who is putting people back to work, paving new roads, building back our communities and creating new innovations, he is the one instilling confidence back to the American people.

William Shatner, Doug Llewellyn, retired admiral Kevin Delany and our MAF team have come together to tell the stories of entrepreneurs across the country, how they are overcoming the odds in these difficult times and how they are doing their part to Move America Forward. Each week we focus on one such entrepreneur, we tell the story of his business and how he is helping to bring our nation into the future. Retired Admiral Kevin Delany presents the prestigious MAF award honoring the entrepreneur and his accomplishments.

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Acaji Inc | Girardi Keese | Secura Trac

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